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Our Consulting Services


TDCI helps businesses, venture capitalists, investors, organizations, and entrepreneurs resolve issues that have manifested as blockers to organizational success. We start with your strategic priorities and offer experiential advice on addressing the issues. Leveraging decades of entrepreneurial, advisory, and global business leadership experience, we have a history of providing second-to-none and differentiated advice that could only come from a combination of academic and direct experiences.

Dr. Alford previously served as a faculty lead for the Jack Welch Management Institute, leveraging Jack's leadership, business, and strategy principles that made GE one of the world's most successful organizations. Combining that perspective with Dr. Alford's academic research and professorships across multiple colleges and universities, Dr. Alford provides high-value services with equally high returns.

TDCI specializes in:

  • Leadership Development Consulting
  • DEI Consulting
  • Talent Developing
  • Business and Startup Consulting
  • Organizational Consulting
  • Non-Profit and Church Excellence Consulting

TDCI and Special Projects

Some Initiatives Need Professional and Strategic Research Experience

TDCI has significant experience working with government, private-sector, entrepreneurs, small-businesses and publicly-traded organizations on market research and special projects. Most organizations have extremely talented team members with very limited experience in addressing ad hoc projects beyond their core competence. Leaders in these organizations simply need a partner that will “figure it out” without much direction. TDCI has filled this gap a number of times for many different organizations, investors and individuals.

Previous Special Projects

Create a competitive analyses of a specific market and develop a SWOTT to assess risk.
Perform qualitative interviews with music ministry across three locations for the purpose of assessing sentiment and their thoughts on improving the operational and performance quality.
Create a tool that tracks daily investment decisions to eliminate Excel spreadsheet usage.
Sit in on this meeting with a potential target and provide your take on if we should proceed.
Develop a tool that manages credentialing of our anesthesiologists as well as assign them to hospitals, operating rooms and track calendars for availability.
Perform an analysis of traffic to retail centers, create a solution to queuing at the centers and develop architectural renderings of a redesign of the retail centers.
Create a system to track the various court dockets and provide secure access based on privileges.
Develop market research for a new product and create a pitch deck for investors based on research.
Take a look at this business plan and let me know the questions that I need to ask.
Sit in on three of my board meetings and provide an assessment of our maturity as well as make recommendations for how we can transition to a high-performing board.
Create RFP framework for a marketing technology need and consult on the evaluation and selection process.

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